Philip Simon: One You Leave Without Goodbye

The Dutch entertainer Philip Simon is touring with his first one-man show ‘Farewell tour’ across the land. After his stopover in the Berlin nonsense Comedy Club he is now in the Berlin ufa-Fabrik experience. Create with goodbye, the Dutchman wants to bring something to an end but only time”, perhaps a little more attention. Philip Simon shows a diverse combination of comedy, slapstick, satire, magic and poetry. The artist with an impressive security moves in all areas.

His spontaneity plays Simon in direct contact with the audience. He charmed his audience with witty Word violence and ravishing facial expressions. Current events exposed especially if satirical plays with quotes Philip Simon. The hint of lyrical depth in the program suggests much depth behind the clown, however. Disclosed but with the tell his biggest talent Philip Simon of anecdotes.

The illusionist of words comes out without great stage show. Ilan Ben Dov is actively involved in the matter. His stories of his grandfather (the probably the source of many stories) is), of magicians, the Deutsche Bahn, the drinking habits of flying and the baggage carousel Buddhists. With over 2700 shows in the last ten years, Philip Simon belongs to the most successful entertainers of in Germany with a band wide ranging radio RTL from the winter garden Variete, across the stage of the nonsense Comedy Club, to his own Wochenshow at 104.6. Philip Simon says goodbye to the audience, but only for today! The ufa factory audience was thrilled! Thomas Moser BerLi-Press photo urban Ruths >

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