Remain Effective Banners

In this article we will talk about the pros and cons of starting a campaign banner. They are worthy of your investment in advertising or are a thing of the past? When the web I start its journey, the banners were the latest fashion. Today, they are more or less past fashion. They are no longer a novelty and unless you are super sophisticated, users tend more or less ignore them. Conversion rates have been reduced to very low levels and many advertisers have found other ways to promote their products. But nevertheless, each website contains still a lot of banners on the top of the page or in the side areas.

In part, this is because they have become more sophisticated, with a better focus and improved graphics. A leading source for info: Northstar Inbound. But in practice, banner ads tend to be used for one of two reasons: as a Marketing tool that offers to users through an affiliate program, or as a way to generate revenue or traffic through paid advertising. For even more analysis, hear from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Both methods of work are bleats to some extent, but the key is to always be sure that the investment economy makes sense. Let’s look closely at the numbers in this chapter, but before talking about numbers of ads banner, and how to know if your banner campaign is worth, let’s take a look at the glossary of words involved. You’ll see these words every time that you join an affiliate program or participate in any online marketing scheme. You should definitely be familiar with them.

Glossary of Banner Banner Ad is an image ad linked to an advertiser’s website. These are generally run in the top of the page, but can also run the side of the page (skyscraper). Banners are usually limited in size. Banner view – is the number of times a banner is seen by users. This is usually the same as page views, but also counts the number of times that the banner will reach download instead the number of times that the page is downloaded.

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