Ricky King – On All Star

The new album from Ricky King – on all stars for over 30 years is RICKY KING now in the music scene successfully. ISearch usually is spot on. This succeeded in hardly an artist as an instrumentalist. \”\” \”\” He was awarded with the most sought after music awards in the industry: among other things with the Golden Europe \”the Golden tuning fork\” gold label \”and various gold and Platinum Awards\”. Also in 2009, RICKY is KING than ever before. Still, his fans from all over the world love the unbroken joy of playing her guitar and the boundless wealth of musicality, he coaxed his guitar (Stratocaster) so playful. His CDs were true perennial are and what conjured up RICKY KING on his instrument, quickly became cult hits and evergreens. But also enough the past actions. RICKY KING is not a man, which is resting on success or downright cause wants to play him.

The opposite is the case he’s looking for the really important things in life such as joy and brief moments of happiness. This includes RICKY KING: health and Friends are very important to me. As the family and my professional happiness, to do what I enjoy.\” On his creativity and his not end addressed never-ending source of idea, RICKY KING responds: daily life is my inspiration. Personal impressions convert such images before my eyes. As a painter, who brings his message on canvas with colors, I’m trying on the strings of the guitar to reveal my emotions and to touch people’s hearts. To play only the notes would not be my claim. Rather, it is the emotions and the message of a composition that move me. Alive live sounds, and melodies to make, that is my opinion of the instrument game and meets most of the music art.\” This art of RICKY KING guitar playing, you can get a picture on his latest Studio album.

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