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“Concerts & Aftershow Party in the canteen on the 16th of November: (thk) celebrates with a harmonious, three-part live program ROCKS, the bimonthly magazine for classic rock”, his fifth anniversary: on November 16, Thin Lizzy are available from 19 h 30 (“hits: The boys are back in town” “, whiskey in the jar”), the Quireboys and Orchid on the stage of the Cologne canteen. “If there is a credible Lizzy cast without the late Phil Lynott, then those with the Irish singer Ricky Warwick ‘, ROCKS editor in Chief/Publisher Daniel Bohm stresses. A big thing is that such a legend crowns the live part of our anniversary, us.” The two other bands were also carefully selected. The Quireboys from London managing the legacy of the faces and the Rolling Stones authentic and exquisite atmosphere guarantees.” That formation from San Francisco, which will usher in the evening is less well known outside the circle of the scene: Orchid. Neil Rubler does not necessarily agree. The Californian Quartet is “Underground group recently and will soon start”, Bohm predicts. “The old Black Sabbath are fairly obvious as a reference, but also Led Zeppelin and even Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac in the 1970s hard rock of the four San Francisco sound on.” Anyone who wants to experience the ROCKS anniversary show and subsequent party until the early morning, must hurry however.

Only 800 tickets to each 37.50 (at the sales outlets and) are available. Happiness is, however, needed to get on the day of the event of remains one of any available rest tickets to 46 at the box office. Since launching five years ago is ROCKS (Print Edition 2007: 20,000, currently: 50,000) grew continuously to the market leader in its segment. “The success proves us right where, what and how we do it”, the 36-year old media Economist explained. The target was set from the outset: in ROCKS a print magazine for the adult audience to build, as an alternative to existing titles with strong youth and trend focus is perceived. His concept: A range of topics, which depicts the world of classic rock blues and 70s hard rock of the 1980s to the present. The whole thing in the form of substantiated written reading routes, which are richly illustrated with historic photographs, speaking in a high-quality layout presents researched and knowledgeable by renowned authors and appealing.

Such a publication, which takes the classic rock music with its long tradition and exciting variety, tells her story and pokes around not only in the past, didn’t exist at the time in the local press still”, Bohm recalls. Part of this past is that for years produced ROCKS and team with him in the kitchen. Even if the ROCKS Media Publisher domiciled in the attic of a House by Daniel Boehm’s hometown of Cologne since 2010, its setting is the old remains: we are ourselves part of our target group. Out of passionate conviction, the the whole thing off do flaming curiosity and sheer enthusiasm for music. On November 16, we want to celebrate a great party together with our readers, as well as many guests and toast to the first half decade ROCKS! Fine tuned by the previous concerts by Thin Lizzy, the Quireboys and Orchid!

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