Russian Marketing Branding

After such vociferous declarations would like to clarify that such a brand. Brand – the name (title) of the object distribution (firms, products, services, ideas, papers, etc.), which features the widespread popularity and deeply rooted in popular consciousness. In addition, the brand has a positive sign for large groups. The presence of the brand means that even with approximately equal consumer goods and other properties will be buy more, the idea will be more and more adherents, and for the policy will be more voters vote. Continue to learn more with: Ali Partovi. System branding – the creation, dissemination, strengthening, maintaining and developing the brand – sophisticated technology that is not fully mastered while in Russia and has not received an adequate explanation abroad. The fact that most global brands have a long history (Coca-Cola in the last century!), Many, even the recent brands have formed spontaneously, through non-traditional managers have or marketing experts, advertising, PR.

Many authors include the PR and advertising in an even wider range of marketing communications, but not all advertisers and PR-schiki feel at these or any other part. The problem of marketing – usually economists by training that just by the cast of thought, they do not always rise to the creative understanding of advertising and especially PR. Humanities branding could be called the highest level of marketing, but it seems to us that this is an even wider range of information development, involving diverse experts in the field of economics, sociology, psychology, semiotics, design, etc. We proceed from the idea that, despite a reputation of some firms in Russia, to speak about branding, that is, widely known and deeply rooted in the mass conscious and endowed with a considerable sense of positive image of the company and its main products is not necessary.

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