Scientific Debate

Party: Adoption: Scientific and technological progress leads to increased emotional stress a person Explanation: Scientific and technological progress contributed to the creation of monstrous weapons to kill people, that is a potent stressor for everyone, especially children. Proof: Professor Crowe, spending their study the manifestations of fear in dreams, said that the images of war have become dominant in the nightmarish dream, beginning with childhood, and remain so throughout life. In children drawings, the image of weapons is a manifestation of the dominant form of repressed aggression. Conclusion: Thus, we can conclude that the development of weapons as a consequence of technological progress leads to higher emotional stress of man. Undoubtedly, this language requires advanced language skills.

So it's great! Is not this what we want from our students? And if you want them to say, then we will take them teach it. As the debate – the technology is not just a dispute, the debate – is an educational technology because of its leading principle – the training. Therefore, training is more important than victory. And if you decide to participate in debate only to win – you've already lost. It only hurt you and others to get real pleasure from the process of debate. The second most important principle of the debate – respect. That is, you may under no circumstances can switch on the personality of your opponent.

Prohibited any offensive remarks. Criticize the idea – it is, please criticize a person – is prohibited. Your main weapon – the arguments. The third principle – fairness. Debate taught to be honest with oneself in the selection of facts and evidence, or admit in their absence, if not found, or simply do not have enough time to recognize the error of his logical constructions – the core of the debate. When all the characters debate (the participants, judges, spectators) comply with these principles – is born beautiful game in which two opposite facing a charge of opinions on the same subject. This polarity intensifies emotional intensity of the debate. There are only two opinions: "For," and "Against!", But both will be represented and heard. And it will be assessed the ability of participants to argue in the very limitations that imposes on argument technology: the theme. time, the role of the criteria. Participants learn how to debate, not just to argue, they learn to hear and learn to save time, learn to respect other people's opinions. And when they learn to argue, that is, learn all of the above, they will calmly discuss the most challenging life issues. They say that there is, and if not there, they put off debate "until tomorrow", when they are ready for it. Not replacing guidance in this article for the debate I would like again to emphasize the special role of this technology in the practice of any professional associated with the process of training and education. This technology to learn each person, especially a teacher. After all, children – it eternal debaters. They always find something with which one can argue. And you can not forbid them to argue otherwise, they will never learn. They just need to learn to argue. And you know it. Teach your children to argue! Teach them to express their opinion: Do not mumble "The margins" and, moreover, do not build a "conspiracy" against those who think "wrong" and defend their position openly, calmly and convincingly. Teach your children to argue! And learn for yourself! To do this, and there is debate.

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