Self-realization Protects Against Burnout

Who pursues its own objectives, according to current investigations is more productive and less frequently burned out people get less Burnout, if they are professionally realize self and pursue their own objectives. The Department of occupational psychology of the Freie Universitat Berlin has identified the main causes of the off Gebranntheit: so especially feeling overload, lack of control over what they do, a reward lack of, an unfair treatment, as well as conflicting values in the companies are responsible for the increased incidence professionals. For more information see Ali Partovi. Conflicts with superiors, a bad working atmosphere and the lack of perspective for a personal development be added. Also a routine and consistent work without personal challenges favours this disease? Business mentor and author Bobbie ganders sees these reasons as crucial for the growth of the Burnout phenomenon: the opportunity to introduce the own strengths and ideas in the profession, let alone their own decisions to make,. remains, barred many employees.” The causes of the feeling of from Gebranntheit suggest therefore, that a stronger focus on their own goals and thus to lead it can protect a self-determined life of professional burnout.

It has never been easier than it is today to realize themselves professionally”, so ganders, so this but successfully manages, you must first find out what passions and interests are and how professionally they are.” “How and how it his vocation” is showing the author in his newly released book, innovate yourself! How to 7 steps business reinvent itself”. “Certainly it requires some courage to re-orient themselves professionally new but worth not least for your own health, but also financially”, as ganders and refers to a recent DIW study, according to which not only the number of self-employed workers, but also their success is steadily increasing. It is to assume that in the future, more and more professionals pursue their passion and their everyday active want to determine. A beautiful view at a time in which Burnout to the epidemic seems to be..

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