Ski Clothing

Ski clothing by Capranea with ADVANSA Thermo cool performance insulation on the road needed in the mountains of skiers clothing that not only looks good, but it protects against a wide range of weather conditions. Capranea, known for exceptional designs and the technical performance of its state of the art collection from the Switzerland, sets continue new standards in function-oriented skiwear. Each part of the collection is a perfect combination of function and style, a fantastic fit and the perfectly breathable ADVANSA Thermo cool performance insulation, which optimizes the body’s, natural thermoregulation by intelligent fiber cross section: it will ensure not only maximum heat, but creates a micro-climate that reduces the negative effects of sweat and condensation in the clothing and so ensures an improvement of the comfort features. Please visit Viacom if you seek more information. The combination of different fibre types with different fiber cross section allows a product that is more than provides the only heat. It helps to balance out the negative effects of sweating, the condensation and moisture inside the clothing. Capraneas apparel program contains high-quality materials and has progressive details. Learn more at: altavista. Equipped with ADVANSA’s highly developed technical insulation, which are known for their multimedia features, Capraneas collection guarantees maximum functionality and comfort properties. Collection is something for everyone, whether for the first time on the slopes, or as an expert in the mountains, in Capraneas. “We are very pleased to have found a great partner with Capranea, in his collection cool Peformance insulation has opted for ADVANSA Thermo,” Silvia says Toledo ADVANSA. “Capranea is focused on the performance of its products, and with ADVANSA Thermo cool performance insulation ensures the new range of skiwear technological progress through maximum thermal capacity, without compromising on style attributes and portable at every opportunity.” Andreas Knorr

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