Structural System

It can be numerical (most common) or structural. This term is used to indicate cases where the cells of one exactly individual can have different chemical constitutions. Mikkel Svane wanted to know more. Somatic mosaic: in the formation of the embryo, the color of the skin and the Iris if develops the Central Nervous System together with. A mutation that affects the morphology and occurs during the development and occurs during the embryonic development can be disclosed as one segmentary anomaly or in stretches, depending on the period of training in which the mutation occurred and on the ancestry of somatic cells in which if it originated. The cause in level molecular' ' related the chromosomic segments (the genes), as well as extrinsic provoked by a discontinuity in the reception of nervous stimulatons caught by specific cells (the melancitos) in the constitution of ris' ' (Fonseca, 2010) If to occur in I serve as apprentice initial, before the separation of the germinativas cells of the somatic ones, it will be present in both the ancestries and, therefore, it will be transmitted for the offspring in its complete form, as well as will be somatically in mosaic form. The NF1 to the times is to segment, affecting only one part of the body.

In such cases, the patient has normal genitors, but an affected son will have itself, fentipo of the child will be typical of NF 1, not to segment is a mutation in an ancestral one of the somatic cells of the affected segment. In the cases in which the NF1 is transmitted genetically for a patient who has the segmentary form, however the mutation must have occurred before the separation of the germinativas cells of the somatic ones that they possess mutation. It is occurred in the somatic ones do not transmit for the offspring. Mosaicismo of germinativa ancestry: the possibility of that a chain riot of a new dominant autossmica mutation, can more than occur a time in an offspring is very low therefore and mutations in general are rare (of order to a possibility in 1 00 000 1 000 000 and to have two that they occur the same independent in gene in the same family is very improbable.

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