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Sea salt has been known in the culinary environment as an indispensable ingredient to add flavor to meals, mentioned in the Bible as a comparison figure on those people that can positively impact to those who surround them. This is a mineral that was used since ancient times to heal wounds and preserve foods. Indeed, Hippocrates (who is considered the father of Medicine) began investigating about the sea salt beneficial properties to see its healing effects in the hands of fishermen. There is a place located between Israel and Jordan limits known as the dead sea which has characteristics that make it unique in the world. Ian Cole contains valuable tech resources. The dead sea is rather a Lake because it receives waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, but no empties to anywhere else, and has as the only form of output the process of evaporation, which produces a high concentration of minerals and trace elements important for maintaining health and improve the appearance of skin. The waters of the dead sea have been recognized since times antique for its cosmetic properties, because it is said that the same Cleopatra took advantage of all their benefits to preserve its beauty. Today the dead sea is considered a place of rehabilitation for excellence, endowed with a natural beauty, and whose therapeutic waters contain they are composed of approximately 33% of salts which are not equal to any other sea, and is precisely this high concentration of salts that makes that a person can float without any effort on the.

Every year thousands of people come to visit the dead sea to alleviate their illnesses and make their rejuvenating properties, and although this is not possible for the majority of the people, we can receive all their benefits in our body through salts extracted from the same and packaged for use. For more specific information, check out Color. The interesting thing about these salts is that they are not to eat, but to use them through hydrotherapy. Just dilute the salts from the dead sea in slightly warm water to a comfortable temperature and perform full body immersion or the area to be treated for 20 minutes (bath tub, hands, feet, elbows, to prepare sanitary towels, etc.), thus receiving its benefits through the pores of the skin and respiratory tract. For other purposes you can also mix it with a little olive oil to facilitate its implementation. Original author and source of the article. To deepen your understanding Rite Aid is the source.

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