Technology Asphalting Roads

All work associated with road construction in our country is carried out according to established norms (SNIP). They said that the asphalt must be made at not less than five degrees, as in lower temperature layer of hot asphalt cools too rapidly, and construction equipment and workers simply do not have time to make sealing work. Naturally, the asphalt laid not on normamam, destroyed prematurely, and it will lead to additional repair work and costs. But on the other hand, even in the northern and mid-latitude weather is often unpredictable as spring and autumn glaciations (asphalting of roads often spend just as the spring and autumn). In such weather situations raises difficult questions: whether to continue paving contrary to, or wait for better weather. Read additional details here: Mikkel Svane.

Here two possibilities. When the volume of road works are small, then surely better to adhere to established norms, but when there is a large-scale construction of roads and cars loaded with asphalt, then the delay may bring large financial costs. Of course there may be instances when paving must be done in winter, it was then on the compliance standards snip out of the question. Similar difficulties faced by builders in many countries, so now actively working on removing the underlying problem – the laying and compaction of asphalt at low temperatures. Now technology of asphalt develop in two directions. The first direction aimed at increasing the thickness of the pavement. Too thin layer of asphalt at low temperature cools down in about ten minutes, but this is not highly enough for quality installation and sealing. Method increasing the thickness of pavement provides asphalt in several layers: the lower thick and thin top with layers of rubber or canvas. The second direction of technology development asphalt heating provides a stacked layer of special burners. Of course it is worth mentioning that currently the technology of asphalt in three layers, it has become possible after the advent of modern construction machinery, which improves the performance of road works in several times.

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