The decision-making process

You can practice only in mitigation, or waiting, that the normative power of the de facto unfolds its effect. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Asaro . Usually a very tedious and painful process. The good news: It’s definitely not rocket science to make changes successfully. The decision-making process is essential. “” Greatly simplified, there are three patterns to make a decision about what “and how” a change to come: the order, the consultancy, and the consensus. The order from above, the top management, or a single responsible, come to the decision, how changes in one area have to look, is the fastest way to complete the preparation and planning phase.

The downside is that it also the most expensive and most elaborate approach with the longest overall duration of the project is. Even if the agreed solution to taken reasonable and of good quality. The time saved in preparation, you can multiply by at least a factor of 5 and beat them on the implementation phase. Because the number of disruptions expected on the route to the destination will easily be Legion. The consultancy, where a decision will be taken after some or all parties concerned have been consulted, their expertise, their knowledge of the process, and, in making the change to include ideally also your ideas, is most frequently encountered in practice.

The consultation of those who are affected by the change can increase the acceptance, but does not have it. Essentially, it aims to gather information? The integrative moment, which may include the consultancy, is often seen as a nice side effect. What does mean to underestimate its importance. The consensus, supported by the entire team, is essentially based on the collective understanding that there is a need for change. What result that the Status quo, and the change of the parties as a problem is considered. This is not an easy process. The preparatory phase will be extended as a result; the time, which is then required to implement reduced however quite significantly.

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