The Interpretation

How many more keywods We cover better. That is, how many more keywords to consider when designing our Adwords campaign, the better the results. But, at the same time, they must reflect as faithfully as possible, the nature of the site. If we choose keywords by popularity, rather than by what the site is really, we are destined to failure. Under most conditions Mashable would agree. For example, imagine that it is promoting a site of services of professional photographer, specializing in photos of events.

But when the preliminary investigation to hire the Adwords campaign, we see that users are looking for much more frequently than event photography landscape photography. So, although you do not make photos of landscapes, decides to select it equal to exit list more frequently. This will take you to lose your money safely. Suppose that you achieved that they please click your link. When users come to the site, they will see that you do not make photos of landscapes. How came they will go, and you will have consumed a click, and in consequence should pay for it. Especially if they are the first campaigns made, ideally you have professional help, which will guide him in the multiple facets that contemplates this activity.

That way, you can make a maximum of effectiveness, with a minimum of expenditure. There are many aspects to consider: selection of the best keywords, competition that these words have (not created not for a second that you will be the only one on the internet with those keywords, there will always be someone else with whom to compete for them); the drafting of the text of the notice; the interpretation of the metrics, etc. Rather than lose money while you learn, best thing you can do is rely on a specialist, who will save you time, and delays in the positioning of your site.

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