The Sign

It is true that, technically, these glyphs have a certain relationship with painting. In both cases, we work of the same type of signal: that is done on a medium that may be identical (wood, paper, rock, wall, etc..), Even with the same tools, the same pigments, etc. But there is one big difference: the painting is a direct signal of the object, pictogram, is signaling an idea about the object. Can you tell the type of pictogram come to evoke, we should not confuse the silhouette of man with women. And they are absolutely right. I can answer this objection by saying that in any case, it is the precept and that in any provision, is one concept. But when dealing with this question tonight, get a little further! Just imagine that in a restaurant, you ladies are sitting not far from the figure, suspended somewhere in the comtesse du Barry represented “according to nature” as we say.

You say: “There are the women’s bathroom!”. Probably not. Since they could not read the information. In other words, the painting is illegible. Why? It is precisely because she is represented in three dimensions. The third dimension to the dimension in mind as you are created, to use the vocabulary of telecommunications, the “noise.” This will never be the case the pictogram is intended to be read (even if participates, brought the concept of the perceived natural order), ie that it is merely writing. That’s what we can not understand the extent to which, for us, writing is reduced to holography, that is what we favor, in writing, it will sound and automation of its meaning associated with the sign

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