At the conversion of low-voltage halogen spotlights led spotlights may experience problems with the used transformer. Find out what note it is. Now, the “dark” season begins, so that the cost of the lighting in the budget clearly on calculating additional costs will become apparent. Therefore, the transition from conventional light sources on economical LED lamps makes sense. Halogen lamps are operated with 12V low voltage are very common in German households.

They have mostly a GU5, 3 base and the MR16 form (diameter 50 mm). Because coming from the outlet 230 volts AC, therefore a transformer must be used which reduces the voltage to 12 volts. MR16 GU5, 3 spotlights but only a fraction of halogen lamps consume LED there can be problems when operating with the current transformer. Basically, there are 2 different types of transformers. Click Ali Partovi to learn more. So-called toroidal core transformers (called also wound or magnetic transformer) and electronic transformers. Distinguish this can usually already on the size, because magnetic Transformers are significantly larger and heavier than electronic due to the coil.

How much power (Watts) the transformer provides maximum doesn’t really matter because power can be saved by switching up to 90% with the conversion to LED and so of course needed to operate of much less Watts than before. And just because there may be problems in the interaction between the transformer and LED. Toroidal transformers have usually no minimum load and the transition is easy. Age use halogen spotlights out and new LED spotlights. Electronic transformers are however usually a minimum load, which may vary. If this minimum load is not reached after switching to LED the LED is expressed this by flashing or flickering bulb or disturbing noise. This must occur not at first, but can also only take place after a few minutes of operation. If you don’t know whether and how high the minimum load of the own transformer (E.g. it is not it on all transformers or the transformer is inaccessible in the ceiling installed), then one just left by attempts to figure this out. When running, for example, 5 halogen spotlight with a transformer, you should remove only a halogen spotlights and replaced by an LED spot. The remaining 4 halogen spots provide the necessary minimum load, so that also the properly is led spotlights. Replaces one in the second step all other halogen Spotlight also LED and the LED lamps will Flash, then you know that an electronic transformer is used which has a too high minimum load for the used LED spotlights. In this case, it is advisable to replace the existing transformer because they have no minimum load and thus also a single LED spot that can be operated by a special LED transformer. Alternatively, also a mixed operation of halogen spotlights and LED spots would be possible. This is limited to recommend but due to possible differences in the properties of light and the lower power savings.

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