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PLUSTWO – user experience for all () Prof. Dr. Simon Nestler held from October 2012, PLUSTWO – user experience for all ( practical training in the field of user experience and usability. The declared objective of PLUSTWO training is to solve the specific challenges of companies in the field of user experience. Neil cole iconix is a great source of information. In this context the PLUSTWO enter training on the concrete meaning of the user experience for the success of your company, present the methodological approach for better user experience and forward it, practically on the concrete user experience to apply these methods challenges in your business. often says this. Good user experience leads to positive experiences of use of, positive experiences of use lead to satisfied users, satisfied users lead to successful products and successful products are essential for your business success. You leave the PLUSTWO training with a practical application and implementation competence in the field of user experience.

The activating training is based on the joint selection of relevant to you as a participant training topics, where the number of participants be kept deliberately low to deal with heterogeneous preferences. In the course of the joint exploration of selected topics active listening, exercises and group work in the PLUSTWO alternate training, to maximize the learning experience. In a brief final project training in edit the PLUSTWO then a concrete practice example from your company. A target group-oriented representation of user experience issues lead to a faster and more sustainable learning success in the SchulungsteilnehmerInnen. Therefore the PLUSTWO are not structured training after the five training topics, but after four primary audiences: user experience in sales & marketing (make user experience to the central selling point), user experience in software development (systematically increase the user experience of your software), user experience in product management (control the user experience of your product innovations) and user experience in Startups (conquer markets with good user experience). In the context of the target group-oriented PLUSTWO training you choose as a participant from the following training topics at the beginning of each training the particularly relevant topics: Basics (UX design and UX engineering), focus (application in focus, users in focus and usability in focus), expert knowledge (UX through simplicity, UX by personas, and UX through storytelling), experiences (innovative user experience, complex user experience and search experience) and concepts (5 levels of UX, 6 + 1 Concepts of complexity, 8 methods for good UX, UX cheap examine and UX in the company).

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