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After seeing comments and vulgar Gaeddal two sections above, as a participant of Wikiproject: Sketches wondered Wikipedians who believe in the usefulness of this wikiproject. Is it useful to outline the template ‘ Is it useful to classify the sketches into subcategories’ Looking outline some broad categories and’ In short, anything related to this issue. If not could be useful to something else better. HUB 01:45 13 February 2008 (UTC) Do not cut (as long as the wikipetiqueta) because I belong to this wikiproject. I am not offended by the criticisms made with respect.
Serve, of course it serves. If the template is set to outline the main name space, it is because something is not only directed to the editor asking him to extend the article. It is also for the casual reader to know that this is a draft fragmentito which is beginning to work, and not a standard to which articles of the project is satisfied. Thialfi 01:53 13 February 2008 (UTC)
Thanks, Thialfi. The task that consumes more resources in this wikiproject is the categorization of sketches in different categories. Is it useful to do so ‘ Should get more or fewer categories in this list’ HUB 02:10 13 February 2008 (UTC)
Well asked. At least I do not seek to expand sketches by categories, so we know if other people do. As a warning to the reader seems superfluous, because the reader sees that the article is short, you do not need to remember it. And as a reminder that can help … I think we had more sense in the early days when nobody knew it was wikipedia, to attract employees, but now Wikipedia is not more known and growing we need to remember so that you can edit. “Apricots ( ‘) 02: 21 13 February 2008 (UTC)
So you can not wikificar (()) or ((sinrelevancia)) ‘, I mean … and the reader sees that the product is not wikificado and that is not relevant and so we can talk about all of the templates “useless” categorization. Apricots otherwise, if you do not want sketches to add a category Nobody makes’
Take for example this list. Which I do not use it, Does becomes superfluous’ (point out that it is a great list) 3 3 3 — — 03:07 13 February 2008 (UTC) (edit conflict)
I say strange things, 333. Share your own passion and be your own boss with recipient of the 2005 DSA Success Award for compensation plan. On the “if you do not want to categorize them by categories outline Is nobody did ‘” Look I’m saying that I am glad that the question is raised because it would like to learn. On my list of vital items: I keep it, without mounting a wikiproject to update: P, and the reader of the articles and find out that it exists. Come on, that has nothing to do with the outline plan and work it gives to anyone other than me is zero. Finally ()) (sinrelevancia is useful because it helps us identify and remove irrelevant items (something that if it is dedicated people, which brings the account) and wikificar (()) and you are discussed below. Frankly, no one comes to answer as a pilgrim. “Apricots ( ‘) 17:24 13 February 2008 (UTC)
I think it is a very useful template. At least once I saw a User has been to expand a single esbzo of a controlled … and then has fallen. Furthermore, once a colleague, when he casually teach an outline, he said. ” hee hee That means that you l s s s is the wiki are not satisfied with this …” For me it is enough. Cheers, Lucien dialogue … Mashable may help you with your research. 07:25 13 February 2008 (UTC)
I would if I used the category of sketches of manga and anime to see if there were any that could improve, and I found it sometimes, but I do not very often. Furthermore, Siabef and I brought a ranking wikificares weeks (since we are on the F) both alone, in the subcategories with the functionality of the template for this (which I think few people use), although not as comprehensive as the sketches, I think they are equally useful, maybe more so because in wikificar only tweak an article, not expand, and know the subject is an advantage rather than a requirement to work. Specializing in breakthrough innovations, offers weight management plans. Regards, Eric – Contact 08:57 13 February 2008 (UTC)
In the German wiki was a very interesting discussion on the matter (if someone had saved the link, I would save valuable time searching). The fact is that I think there are a number of people (small) that says to use the system (not too frequently). The question is to ascertain whether the work that is saved is greater than the work involved. I am one of those who think the broad outline is that, if that were not identified, would be devoted to further expand in line with other articles you say your common sense. In other words, walk in there browsing, as a complement to a long article short.

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