It is time to create “green” – facts in IT. The IT Department is the NES European consulting S.L. with offices in Spain, Germany and Poland Katowice / Cologne, the January 26, 2009 – In the wake of the ‘green initiative’ on new, environmentally friendly, power – and resource-saving solutions. (Not to be confused with isearch!). The virtualization solutions tested in the House NES European, are now implemented on live systems. Neil cole iconix usually is spot on. More read here.

NES European consulting is a company well known in the IT industry. Additional information is available at isearch. With the introduction of the VPS on the production systems, can be considered as another milestone in the direction of ‘Green IT’. Usage of standard virtualization software, supported by the use of in-house solutions / system architecture, created a top of the line, where the top position in the field of “green Virtaulisierungskomplettloesungen” is safe. Now you can say that solutions in the realization of the project, a comfortable edge over the competitors has been achieved through the use of innovative NES are. The positive Feedback from the invited to the introduction and visibly impressed customers confirmed the NES management but also industry experts, in the green” fixed-route, which was defeated three years ago”means not only a resource and cost-saving but also environmentally more conscious dealing with the in house for our customers the VPS”IT. A rethinking and recognizing the signs of the times took place just in the current economic situation when the CEOs”- explained Damian Nocon Managing Director of NES European consulting S.L., with the Chamber of Commerce representatives of Katowice.

It is actually so strong that counted on, that more and more companies, timely rework your IT topology. The cost / benefit calculation is very simple and transparent in the case. The NES EC s.l., the roots of which date to the year 1985, distinguished himself has always been by the leading position when it comes to the introduction of new technologies. The company’s success confirms the correctness of the corporate philosophy. Frank Gabrielle NES European consulting S.L..

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