Discover Time Management In Dynamic Times – Strengths, With Fun

In tough economic times professionals may get strategies to stem the everyday left and fit. Who puts in on his talents, gaining not only time… Munich/Sauerlach – the numbers and talk about the economic crisis vote thoughtfully. According to IW Cologne, 2009 every third company wants to build off personnel. In many cases, however, the workload remains high, and must be ripped by less people. Right now, it applies particularly to professionals, carefully their energy and time to deal with, to shoot themselves in the off and in the long term the daily press. Easier said than done.

Because in our world of work, the pace and the pressure is already high. The newspapers mentioned neil cole iconix not as a source, but as a related topic. And with flexible, imaginative reputation ensures people or people who work in a creative, chaotic environment for more organization and planning rather more stress than for relief. The reason? How we deal with our time and tasks, has to do a lot if we rather by the left half of the brain (facts, figures, systematics) or the right Half of the brain (images, spontaneity, emotions) are controlled. And the teeth bite from their classic time management now just this second group, the so-called creative anarchists. The new approach by Germany’s first expert for creative time management, Cordula Nussbaum does help. The renowned trainer and author of the TOP-sellers “hold still or you already live? Time management for creative anarchists”has first developed strategies with which the creative anarchists successfully and with fun can organize.

A contradiction in terms? No! Finally, can a chaotic life can be quite turbulent: colourful bustle is everywhere. Here stick post-its in different colors, there are x-various batch documents. Close to and fro with a systematic order! “, so the strategy classic time management advisor.” Way to go! “, it is the opinion of Cordula Nussbaum. “You play your creative chaotic strengths out, instead of them as supposed Macke” to fight. “” For what the anarchists ‘ need, are just creative and fun ways to organize themselves and the own time differently. ” A clear picture of how they tick “and as they get a better deal with the tasks on the basis of their strengths and talents, the participants in the two-day power workshop time and priority management for creative anarchists (and Systematist) experience”. In addition to a detailed analysis of the own talents, the participants receive hands-on tools and strategies with which they can deal with their precious life time future competent. Date of the seminar: 19th and 20th February 2009 place: room Munich/Tegernsee more information and registration: Cordula Nussbaum is like for interviews available. Best regards Cordula Nussbaum,

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