A Few Tips For Construction Of Hotels In Crimea

Little practical advice you need to know before the start of construction of the hotel. Without further details, try to explain the rules, which would add to the likelihood that the hotel business in the Crimea will pribyl.1. Construction of a hotel from scratch or remodeling. Investor frequently asked: "What is profitable?". At this point, opinions differ. Resorts and hotels in the old fund is in a better position to location, infrastructure and close proximity to the sea.

The cost of acquiring the object, redesign and construction of a hotel sometimes far outweigh the construction of a new facility. Reconstruct can be a building with architectural value to the city, which highlight the status of the hotel and make it extravagant. In all other cases it is better to rely on modern architectural trends in stroitelstve.2. How to choose place for the construction of the hotel. In Crimea go to the sea, this rule must be followed when searching for a land plot for construction of the hotel.

The closer the hotel to the sea, the more guarantees circular load in the season. Close location to the sea will relieve you of delivery holidaymakers on the beach traffic. We must take into account infrastructure hotel. Driveways, parking area under (or parking), the location of communications (water, gas, sanitation) and to calculate the load. And of course the big advantage of a holiday in the Crimea – a picturesque appearance .3. Hotel project. At some of the projects to choose to make it affordable and profitable. Miracles do not happen have to spend. However, there are techniques to make this move economically predictable. When designing the hotel, try to win on the number of storeys of the building. In Crimea, rarely get to buy land for construction Hotel directly on the sea, and that it was a large area. Build up – a way most appropriate in this case. The main thing is to leave the hotel and an architectural structure for the sake of convenience guests. Today, this rule is neglected, and many building unattractive 'candles'. In a phased financing of the project, you can use the option of building a hotel complex of small houses or kottedzhey.4. Target audience – the guarantor of a successful hotel business. Construction of a hotel in Crimea – is half the battle, you need to get it to work successfully and make a profit. It is important to clearly understand who will come to you on vacation? And to think this one must have before construction hotel. Who is your customer? Which category will belong to your rooms and suites? Cheap, VIP, establishment of resort or hotel. Knowing the target audience will help you clearly identify the range of services to your customers. Many people come to vacation with children, then certainly in the construction of the hotel will need equipping children's playground, etc. Examine the nearby competitors. Probably some kind of customer category is resting in a nearby Hotel and satisfied that there is. Take note of these facts and consider them in sebya.5. Hotel's infrastructure. Think about it in detail, down to the hanger in the closet. Parking, location, rooms, the presence of restaurants and entertainment venues. The client is going to rest! Integrity of the infrastructure necessary to establish a hotel on this principle, 'all the rest for the client. " Restaurant, beach, swimming pool (year-round work that is necessary) Spa rooms (massage, solarium, sauna), rental equipment (tennis, shooting, billiards), excursions, boats, yachts, cars.

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