Optimize Yor PC

It happens that even if the computer is relatively powerful and good – it is still sometimes slow, slow loads, all the time, hangs and so on This article describes how to overclock your computer to the maximum All of these methods tested on a weak computer – the production of 2003. Specifications: Processor speed – 2.00 GHz (single core), ram – 256 mb PC2700 166MHZ. Hard disk-40 gb. Do not think that there something wrong We tested this method on that computer to confirm the improvement in the work of even such an old computer. Naturally, this method will work on modern computers, and improvements will be the same Go to warn that the cost to beginning to shut down the Internet, antivirus, and all programs. Internet access must be disabled to avoid getting the virus in your computer while disabling anti-virus. Just copy this article to your computer and follow the instructions directly from the computer By the way, you need an administrator account. Now proceed.

First you need to download or buy the program you want to optimize. If you do not have money, then we can take for a trial period. The list of programs: Advanced WindowsCare Personal, Wise disk cleaner free, auslogics bootspeed, auslogics registry defrag. This is all the programs but besides them you have yet to delve into the registry. For this reason, we start just with the registry.

To start entering the registry, you may do so – the Start menu, Run, and type in the search bar regedit. This opens a window where the registry key will be divided into five sections. They could be four if you have one account. First, open HKEY_CURRENT_USERControlPanelDesktop there needed option MenuShowDelay. Need to set this value 0. It's nothing you will not give in

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