The state of the technology more outpost than aid to the TV almost strikes to the totality of defocusing of movement, leaving its smooth and clear image – and leaves to fall its jaw. It is not detrimental to the planet, nor either to the eyes. The television is made with friendly materials to the environment, that does not contain volatile organic compounds. And by means of the use of lights LED without mercury that requires less energy, less CO2 is emitted. So you can put the feet in stop and relax knowing that she is leaving a carbon track smaller.

He is very efficient of energy, consuming from 20 to 30% less than traditional energy than the LCD. So not only the films will be seen better, but also its invoices. The TV is of 3.75 cm in thickness. You will not have problems to find a place for him in any room. It comes with a base, but also the thin television in a wall like a picture can easily be mounted. A glance is everything what needs to see that this is not only a television that is hanging, but a work of art. This televising LED of 42 ” it is equipped with three ports HDMI to extend his digital connectivity of multimedia. Everything what you need is cable to connect the television to its audio and sources of video, without compression, loss of data or headache.

There is also a port USB to directly reproduce several archives multimedia from the unit flash USB or hard disk. It only must connect the cable of connection USB and soon right away it can reproduce, keep or erase. So now to any hour it is hour of the spectacle. Llvelo to its house and leaves entertains it in all the forms. When he is even dull, its thin design and with style and without fissures is pleasant to its eyes.

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