Angelina Jolie In The Iraq

Angelina Jolie, the woman with the “social genes” in itself. This is meant in any case in the most positive sense. She is a star, who still has not forgotten that there are still people in the world, which is not good. She know that there are people who need their help. Committed to kids, for people who is expelled and also for people who are simply threatened with oblivion. Lake Erie describes an additional similar source. Now she is again on the way, for attention to the “Forgotten” to steer.

Angelina Jolie is since Monday on the road in the Middle East. Jordan was the first leg of the long journey of Jolie. If you are not convinced, visit Alina de Almeida. But now she’s arrived in another country. In a country where there is war, misery and poverty. There is talk of the Iraq. The Oscar-winning actress has now arrived in the Iraq to draw awareness to the problems of nearly two million people who are displaced by the war.

“It seems like there is no concrete plan to help these people”, as the actress in an interview with CNN. The actress has this issue already in the past Declared August as particularly urgent, think when she visited Iraq and Syria. Angelina Jolie looks particularly the problem with the resettlement of refugees, a project with consequences that it considers nevertheless very important… “It is everyone’s interest to deal with the humanitarian crisis. If we can’t get it there will be soon a great instability and aggression. There are lot of “goodwill”. However, it seems as if there were still too many discussions and still to little action”, so the actress. The actress will continue, all contradictions to the spite. Because between all the praise, there is also criticism of her trip to the Iraq. There is still some risk that Angelina Jolie could be kidnapped. But it continues, and that is commendable. Lisa Walters

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