Approximate Composition

Start-up operations are carried out in three stages. In the first phase the contractor shall develop (based on the design and operational documentation on company-producers) work program commissioning. Energizes the employment adjustment of personnel from temporary or permanent power supply networks. Appoint a representative for acceptance and commissioning the contractor agrees to terms of performance, recorded in the general construction schedule. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robotics expert . At the second stage commissioning of stand-alone control panels, protection and automation, as well as commissioning, combined with the electrical works.

Start commissioning determined by the degree of readiness of construction works: The electrical room must be completed, all construction work, including finishing, close all openings, manholes and cable channels, carried out lighting, heating and ventilation, electrical installation is completed and made his ground. In the third phase of commissioning tests performed solo electrical equipment, including inspection and testing of cooling systems and tap transformers, protection devices, automation and control electrical equipment. Electrical maintenance at this stage by the customer, which ensures the alignment of operational personnel, assembly and disassembly of electrical circuits, as well as responsible for the technical supervision of the state of electrical equipment. After completion of individual trials is taken into electrical operation. In this case the contractor sends the customer, the test with high voltage electrical equipment, testing devices ground and vanishing, as well as executive and principal electrical wiring necessary for operation of electrical equipment. All other records are transferred to the customer commissioning of electrical equipment in up to four months after taking over the facility. Commissioning work on the 3rd stage is considered complete upon receipt of the projected on electrical parameters and operating modes, providing steady process. For power transformers – a 72-hour work-load for air and cable transmission lines – 24 hours of operation under load.

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