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Strengthening Highways

Working mixture is prepared in a specially equipped base operator and road workers in the following order: – load into the tank gidroseyalki dry ingredients mixture, by weight otdozirovannyh – suction pump into the tank of liquid components. The surface … Continue reading

Gypsum Construction

Gypsum construction – this is the best solution for re-planning and implementation of interior design solutions in their own hands. Benefits of drywall and construction of its use at first glance may seem inconspicuous. Dust at work, extra time for … Continue reading

Approximate Composition

Start-up operations are carried out in three stages. In the first phase the contractor shall develop (based on the design and operational documentation on company-producers) work program commissioning. Energizes the employment adjustment of personnel from temporary or permanent power supply … Continue reading


Apply solution to the entire surface of bricks. The vertical and horizontal joints must be well fit to the brick. Remains of the solution leaked from the joint, should be addressed. Immediately after hardening solution to align the seam jointing … Continue reading

Additional Costs When Buying New Apartments

Fairly widely believed that buying a home in the city is ultimately cheaper than building a house, but there is not so clear. The decision on purchasing a flat on the need to consider waste repairs and is including a … Continue reading

Apartment Interiors

Very popular solution in the interior of the apartment a general lighting is the placement of a small ceiling lights in the upper perimeter of the apartment. These sources reflect light off the ceiling and give most of it back, … Continue reading

Wooden Structures

The connection elements of wooden structures limited assortment of timber makes it necessary to combine elements of both the wood to length (splice and capacity) and height (rallying). In addition, Farms in the nodes of wooden structures have an angle … Continue reading

The Device

For the average urban kitchen 3 x 4 meter enough rate of 300 m3 / h. If you have a lot of frying and baking, but still not averse to smoke in the kitchen, it's better to take the device … Continue reading

New Primer

Are ground and plasterers, operating high-quality plaster before painting. The primer can deduce the wall surface plasterers 'to zero' and at the same time to prepare it for painting. For mineral substrates are mainly used acrylic paints. Diluent is water … Continue reading