The Device

For the average urban kitchen 3 x 4 meter enough rate of 300 m3 / h. If you have a lot of frying and baking, but still not averse to smoke in the kitchen, it's better to take the device with a reserve – 400 – 600 m3 / h. In general, the market can see a model with a capacity of 180 1200 m 3 / h and more. Second, what should be guided by buying a hood – it's size. Standard equipment can be 50, 60, 90 or 120 cm wide.

In any case, the ventilation should be wider than the plate. And finally, since drawing – the device is not small, should make sure that it fit into the interior. The device can be completely hidden under a dresser, hanging over the stove, or, conversely, to make an independent interior detail. "Self" can extract attached to the wall or ceiling. And yet, to extract 100% fulfilled its responsibilities, it should be placed at a height of at least 50 – 65 cm from electric cookers or 75 – if you have gas. Materials for decoration and arrangement of the kitchen from what lies on the floor, pokleit on the walls and the ceiling is fixed, depends largely on the beauty and comfort food.

Let's start from the bottom. It is known that a major figure on the floor, visually reduces the size of the room, and small "pushes" the boundaries. Satin finish visually expands the space, matte – narrows. But the main thing when choosing a floor for the kitchen – all the same stuff. Durable, contemporary cover – vinyl. Linoleum is also durable and antistatic. Within easy clean up any dirt. Even if the spot "complex", with a floor it can be derived solvent, and the coverage of it does not hurt. Kitchen is better to take natural linoleum, it is more environmentally friendly.

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