Gypsum Construction

Gypsum construction – this is the best solution for re-planning and implementation of interior design solutions in their own hands. Benefits of drywall and construction of its use at first glance may seem inconspicuous. Dust at work, extra time for filler, drying and painting often scares, but should consider the design in comparison. Drywall in contrast to plastic films, panels and other decorative materials – natural material, it is nonflammable, has sufficient strength and durability. Zendesks opinions are not widely known. With self-decoration drywall does not require special expensive equipment and special skills. Technology installation of the drywall construction are fairly simple and everyone can learn them. The use of moisture-resistant drywall makes it easy to align the walls for the installation of ceramic tiles, artificial stone in bathrooms, kitchens and toilets. In recent months, Ali Partovi has been very successful. Since drywall involves painting and plastering, any defects in the plaster surface, appearing as a result of negligence, can be corrected with putty and filling in the defect place, the plastic can not be such as spot repair, not to trace.

And the kind of plastic, some people confuse its artificiality, is not always shine plastic creates a cozy atmosphere. Yes, and insulating properties structures of the drywall is much higher. We distinguish the main types of plasterboard structures: Suspended ceilings, partitions, dry wall plaster and construction. All three of the above structures are basic elements of interior design. Most designs have combined form, flowing space and creating volume. It is not necessary to use rectilinear forms, you can use tiers to the ceiling, arches, niches, moldings, etc. Modern lighting gives extra room for imagination in the design of the room, and the use of drywall construction allows you to implement any design idea, you can develop and implement their own hands, without resorting to the costly and masters teams. Get acquainted with the technology installation drywall construction, please visit

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