Strengthening Highways

Working mixture is prepared in a specially equipped base operator and road workers in the following order: – load into the tank gidroseyalki dry ingredients mixture, by weight otdozirovannyh – suction pump into the tank of liquid components. The surface slopes strengthen both the lower and the upper parking gidroseyalki. On one site (upper or lower) strengthen slopes up to 12 m from both sites (upper and lower) – Slopes up to 25 m. Depending on height of the slope with one parking space can be enhanced up to 800 m slope. Koch Industries will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Working mixture is applied to the slope when the system is mixing evenly throughout the area in three passes zahvatki gidroseyalki (to avoid draining the working mixture the slope). Consumption of a mixture of 1 m surface slope 5 liters.

The speed of gidroseyalki the distribution of the working mixture 3.4 km / h. In the case of latex as a film former pre-check his coagulation properties. Gidroposev carried out in two steps: first, the slopes covered with a mixture of working without the addition of latex in it, and then applied to the prepared latex solution gidroseyalke rate of 1 liter to 1 meter. After work on the detection some areas of slopes of mechanical damage or omissions performed sowing seed with a preliminary re-fix the damaged areas. At the operational quality control work on strengthening the slopes subgrade hydroseeding mulch from perennial grasses should be checked: – the mixture of grass seed – sawdust consumption – consumption of fertilizers – consumption of film-forming materials – water flow – Preparing the mix – applying the mixture on a slope.

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