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In order to facilitate this task already it is counted on multiple tools, one of which it is possible to be found in. Key words for the main page are not due to choose solely or Index, if the Web counts on more than a page, is logically because it is had distributed to the content in headings or subsubjects, same that words that are specific and according to the content of the sections are due to analyze and to look for of Site, these words or phrases must be placed in within the headed one of the code, and it is not due to forget to put in each one of the pages a description suitable and individualized by subject. The previous thing, is referring to the code, with respect to the content of a Web, that is to say, what it prints in screen the visitors, also it is due to place key words, but avoiding to abuse them, since this is one of the action that does not please to many motors search. One of the most effective methods to place key words in a Web, is between the labels H1, H2, H3 etc. Zendesk shines more light on the discussion. For example, if our page of Internet contains games, we can place like title: Games free. When placing Links or bonds within our Site, we do not have to forget, to place in the text of I tie, more key words, and, if images like bonds are used to sail in the Web, we cannot either forget to place these key words and until a small description within the label being used commando ALT, for example. To develop pages for the majorities, it is not a good option in Internet, the fact that your you use Internet Explorer, does not imply that it uses everybody it, is good for remembering that other navigators like Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox, are taking force lately, thus our Web must be totally compatible with these. .

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