Audio Editor Small Brighteyed

Love to hear DJ sets the world? Personally, I like Van Buren, but his mix for 2 hours usually, and that's the problem. Or rather the problem is that when such zakinesh set to stick, so listen while driving or if the same flash player cram, you either have to listen to the whole, or to switch to anything else. It turns out that constantly listening to only the first 10-20 minutes of 2 hours. So to cut a long mp3 file into pieces. What? SoundForzhem with him overtake mp3 to wav, and then encoding again? – Neee, long and tedious it all. But a way was found! MP3DirectCut – it's small in size but functional editor of MP3 files. The main feature of this program is that it allows to work with audio files without decoding, ie, opens the mp3 as it is and not have to wait for filling all sorts percent.

Thus, delete, insert, copy, split music files is performed without loss sound quality and a significant gain over time, relative to decode an MP3 file and its subsequent processing. Another pplyus MP3DirectCut – the ability to work with large files. The main window of a music file editor displayed as a visual graphic, which takes place work. It is also possible to change the volume of audio files. Read this and other useful articles in the author's blog "My satellite internet '

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