Team Fortress

In this article I will try to tell the class about the "spy" and give some tips on the game. On the one hand to play this class very easily, but many players often have difficulty playing a spy against the other classes. Strengths of the other classes against spyware: Scout – speed. The best weapons against this class at a distance – an ordinary gun, and do not need any Ambassador. Soldier – Rocket Jump.

Soldiers rather slow a class by itself, so kill him very easily. Engineer – Guns. If an engineer is one about their guns, put the bug and drive him one stab in the back as easy, but if guns are well guarded command, you must stay a little longer and wait strategist .- In the guise of an enemy can be treated by an enemy dispenser .- If the opponent a lot of engineers masquerading as him – do not lose. Sniper – Bankate. Often, the sniper is the easiest prey spy yet he stands vytselivaet opponent, kill him very easily. However, if the sniper wearing a shield, you have 2 bonus, it's Ambasador (out of stealth a little earlier and successfully killed a sniper in the head) and the fact that a sniper with a shield moves much slower. Gunner – he has 2 plus, a lot of ammunition and a lot of weight. In my opinion to kill the machine gunner, and for one and a medic, who treats him – very simple.

Pyro – speed + fire takes you out of invisibility. Most insidious enemy spy, if you saw the arsonist, you will save only the brain and the sound of death. Medic – mate. Physician without a partner does not constitute a particular threat. Demolitions – Velcro, an analogue of rocket jumping soldier. Sometimes, this class cause more interference against spyware, so it is better to kill him. Spy – is dangerous. Be vigilant and cautious. A recipe for success when playing spy – stealth, surprise, a tactic strike! Spies are often disguised as scout (speed) and Pyro (again, speed). I will give a very sensible advice – sometimes worth taking shape machine gunner, tk few expect that the spy will take the slow class + is not a bad way to get an enemy medic to treat you.

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