Base Pension: Pension For The Self-employed

State-sponsored provision with the base pension – attractive for freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs – flexible deposit and take advantage of the tax Rurup pension – with tax benefit provide an attractive opportunity of for pensions for self-employed persons the so-called base pension – in the vernacular is called also “Rurup-rente” after the Economist Bert Rurup. As the Riester pension for employees, it is a State-sponsored form of private pension schemes. The basis is a pension insurance contract. A major advantage of the base pension is located in the tax savings. So, the pension specialist Werner Rofner, of the law firm Rofner & colleagues, explained that for 2010 a saver already can deduct 70 percent of the contributions paid by the tax. By 2025 this proportion increases to 100 percent.

The invested money is also insolvency and Hartz-IV safe. The base supply pays twice: during the accumulation phase, self-employed persons benefit from the tax advantages, in the age, enjoy a guaranteed annuity, which in any case they can safely plan. The actual payment of the pension is however generally higher, because the provider not only the minimum interest rate, but additional surpluses generate particularly interesting for self-employed the very flexible deposit options at the base pension are flexibility: in addition to ongoing contributions also lump-sum payments are possible depending on the financial situation. Also shortly before the start of the pension contract can be increased even by one-time payments. The tax benefit just older self-employed workers nearing retirement. For them, the tax benefits of the deposits are higher than the disadvantages in the taxation of pensions.

Other benefits are according to Rahmani, that through additional modules survivor or the financial risks of the own disability can be secured. The number of insurance deals on the market is very large and mostly impenetrable for the entrepreneur. A company-independent and good advice is therefore important also because it which binds with the Treaty for many years at a company. Last but not least for this reason, it is so important to choose a financially stable contractual partner. Accurately analyze its own needs it is not easy to find from the variety of insurance companies and in the jungle of the annuities the right solution. You not do without good advice therefore. The company specializes in retirement planning, the law firm Rofner & colleagues from Rosenheim analyses together with you your personal situation and finds the optimal Rurup pension for you through a provider comparison in the plethora of products offered accurately. The consultations can both personally or even very time-saving take place via online conference. More info: law firm Rofner & colleagues Werner Rofner

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