Become Rico

Choose to be rich in the easiest way. search for infallible support of your subconscious mind. 2 Accumulate wealth by the sweat of his brow and it can lead you to be the richest of unacomarca, but it is not necessary to enslave it or strive to both. 3. Wealth is a subconscious conviction, rooted in your imagination the idea of wealth. 4. The misfortune of most people is not knowing the invisible medium that supports them.

5. Repeat the word wealth, for yourself, slowly and quietly, for about five minutes before going to sleep, and your subconscious mind will bring you wealth as amazing experience. 6. The conviction of wealth produces wealth. Keep it in your mind at all times. 7. David Treadwell spoke with conviction. Your conscious and subconscious minds must be in agreement.

Your subconscious accepts what you really feel. The dominant idea is always the accepted by your subconscious mind. The dominant idea must be rich, non-poverty. 8. You will expire any mental conflict with respect to wealth, often stating: day and night I’m thriving in all my affairs. 9 Increase your sales by repeating the affirmation, over and over again: my sales increase day by day and am moving forward, progressing and obtaining more wealth each day. 10. Do not sign checks without funds, saying: I do not have enough, I’m poor. Such statements increase and multiply your losses. 11 Lay thoughts of prosperity, health and success in your subconscious mind; It will return with compound interest. 12. What you assert, knowingly must not destroy it a few moments later. This neutralizes the little positive which has claimed. 13. Its true source of wealth are the ideas of his mind. You may have an idea that will supply millions of dollars. The subconscious mind will give you the idea of what you want. 14. The envy and suspicion are stumbling blocks, hindering the flow of wealth.Rejoice in the prosperity of others. 15. The lock to wealth is in your own mind. Destroy this block now, at this moment, being at peace with others. SOURCE: The power of the subconscious mind. Joseph Murphy download it free here!

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