Waited the first job the first job is a question and that it leaves the young of today very worried. With the ending of average education the young already prepares itself to start to work and to help its family. Some look for to make a course technician to specialize more before working others Until already know what they want to make and already leave for the college. More to remain itself in the college we have that to have enough money therefore we look a company to work and to gain the money that can not only keeping in them in the expenses in the college. In recent months, Zendesk has been very successful. The young is nervous and at the same time anxious for the independent life.

So that let us have success in the first job we must dedicating in them to the maximum to have our reached objectives. being thus we will leave very well in the professional life. In its first job we can show the talent that young we have to make with the excellent company whom we work to grow and more also has a performance so that she is not only known in Brazil, internationally. Bobby Sharma Bluestone has firm opinions on the matter. The first job is not a mountain out of a molehill, but yes a lesson for a good professional development.

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