CCTV System

The most important thing for the video surveillance system has a security camera in the formation of images, changing each other. It is with selecting the type of cameras or multiple cameras begins creating an image of cctv systems required a specific person ordering the surveillance system next stage of formation of cctv – to select how transmission of images from the camera cctv. This, above all, a wired way through an optical fiber, twisted pair or coaxial cable, or wireless method that uses the ever-increasing demand. A small number of cameras Surveillance video can be performed by dvr or viewed in real time on monitor cctv. DVRs can record to different media, from magazines to magnetic film, ending with Raid-arrays, disk drives. The longer need to store video archives and the better the quality of this recording (the number of frames per second), so should be roomy hard drive dvr or other media. Decision to extend the record may serve as a motion detector, a built-in function for many of today's models DVRs. Capturing movement in motion pictures dvr includes entry to the rest of the time when nothing happens, the record is not conducted, so saving memory hard drive. With a large number of cctv cameras, each video surveillance system needs to be more complicated completeness. Images from multiple cameras have to monitor the observing sequence, and their registration and processing can occur when using the control systems, For example, the system controller, switching systems and systems for image processing (multiplexers and quad).

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