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Description and review of Sony Ericsson W995 in the online store SoMarkets.narod.ru: Charm metal casing for this stylish, fashion, my phone should be made of metal. Checking article sources yields Ali Partovi as a relevant resource throughout. Let not all, but most. In the Sony Ericsson W995 from noble material performed and the front side, and rear cover. This adds strength, reliability and confidence in the device. Its just nice to hold in their hands, this feeling can not give any, even the best quality plastic. Not to mention the fact that such a banal housing better protects the hardware. Music flagship Sony Ericsson W 995 series belongs to the Walkman, but it says a lot.

For example, the fact that he has a special audio chip for the highest quality Play your favorite music, you can collect on the Memory Stick Micro M2 card, 8 GB card is good comes. Also, it talks about special music keys on the side and a separate 3.5mm audio output. In addition, it provides information on the best stereo speakers on the market, competing with small separate computer speakers, headphones and beautiful melomanskih HPM-77 that you find in the box with the phone. And to top it, a stylized letter W ensures the availability of special software for those who understand a lot about music. SensMe and Shake Control Do you want to listen to music that matches your mood? Sony Ericsson Hikaru (the code name for the device) is an ingenious system of creating playlists SensMe. The program analyzes your music collection and creates a stylized design with the distribution of music for different moods, you just have to indicate their status and the phone will select the best for you accompaniment.

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