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In other words, if your current wallpaper looks weak you will have to find wallpapers high resolution 4. Try iMovie for iPhone 4 iMovie for iPhone4 is a version of iMovie for Mac and is impressive. Lets you edit and share your recorded videos. And we mentioned that all recording with iPhone 4 videos are high definition. (HD)? iMovie for iPhone 4 costs $4.99. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robotics. 5 Press to approach objects Video even the smartest gadget can use a human touch. During the recording of a video, you can play on different objects on the screen to get the iPhone the focus on them. 6 See the panoramic view during recording if you change from the camera in video mode mode, you will notice that the objects are actually closer to.

This is due to the video recording is done in widescreen mode. Click twice on the screen to display in widescreen display during recording. 7. Search on the web, Wikipedia at full speed to slide to the right in the home screen, you activate Spotlight. Type something and go to the bottom and there are two search options have been incorporated, respectively, the web search and Wikipedia search. The Safari browser is used in the search. 8 Mirror, photographs of one same iPhone 4 comes with an additional front-facing camera. When you click on the camera icon in the top right, the front camera is activated instead of back.

We think that this could be useful for those who want to use their iPhone as a mirror, or perhaps makes auto-disparos decision easier also! 9. The problem of reception on the iPhone 4 this is the question that makes people more concerned. The problem is with the signal bars, they call it the Death Grip (grip of death). However, the fall of the signal occurs only in reception areas are weak, so much depends very much on your service provider. The problem is mild, not pay to that way too important. 10. Yellow spots on the screen some users reported that they have been noticing yellow spots on the screen of the iPhone 4. According to MacInTouch, this is only a temporary problem since these small yellow spots are nothing more than some for glass bonding agents and they evaporate when the device is exposed to the air. You can relax now.

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