However, interesting and sometimes a solution when the textiles and the walls are covered with a risunkom.Mozhno to experiment with the color of the ceiling. It should be lighter than the walls. The most important elements in the interior design bedrooms have: * colors for furniture placement * * * Lighting planning * room accessories and original parts * When planning a bedroom, consider the location of the windows. If you 'Lark', it is appropriate to choose for the bedroom room with windows to the east: if you will please the rising sun. If you 'owl', then the windows should go to the west. Then the sun will not make you stand up 'is not light – no Dawn ', and in the morning in the bedroom will be twilight. Viacom understands that this is vital information. Bedroom interior design – Example bedrooms 3 bedrooms The size depends on the size of furniture that you put into it. Agree – it is not convenient to squeeze in a small bedroom between the huge bed and bulky wardrobe.

And in the spacious bedroom miniature furniture may just become almost invisible, and create an empty feeling uncomfortable room. The location of the bed is very important when planning a room. Headboard pulls close to one wall. If sufficient size bedrooms, wide bed can be placed away from sten.Osobuyu atmosphere for sleep will create a canopy – a weighty structure consisting of a massive frame, canopy and canopy. Priyam often used as a sleeping place for the erection of "podium". Structurally, it looks like a podium, sometimes with several steps, which is free of bulk elastic mattress. Also very well looks like a decorative technique, if you put a bed in a niche that can be marked contrast relative to the entire interior trim. Lighting should be pleasant and not bright.

Branchy Chandeliers better to replace lamps and floor lamps with dim lights. The scattered light is obtained by a lampshade, ceiling frosted glass or mosaic – the so-called general, orienting light. A good option as a curtain- Drapes average density, intense light scattering and attenuating light contrasts. If the window overlooks the sunny side, it is better to add light curtains blackout curtains, small screens, or rollers blinds. The veil looks great from the same fabric as the curtains and the bed – one or two shades lighter. More original decision in favor mix of fabrics with different patterns and various textures, different reflecting light. The most important elements in the bedroom is the bed. Today, many people buy a separate bed, we complete the rest of the bedroom furniture on your own. In this case, it is possible to save considerably. Some people prefer to fly direct bedroom suite, which usually consists of a bed, two nightstands and dresser. Some manufacturers include in the headset and the wardrobe in the same style. Imports will cost headsets 50-100% more expensive. In any case, the bed should be durable, comfortable and beautiful. Comfort and functionality in the bedroom – the most important components that help to create the warmth and comfort in your home.

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