Cologne Odysseum

Science to participate in the Cologne Odysseum in the classical Museum has served out. Exhibits behind glass panes labeled touch moulder forbidden!”are a way to keep visitors at best. Many museums, first and foremost, science exhibitions, have discovered the trend of the times. (A valuable related resource: Pete Cashmore). They offer the touch and join science. On one of these worlds, the travel portal reported

The Odysseum sees as a mixture of Science Centre and amusement park in Cologne. Under the motto: “Here your knowledge can experience what!” technology enthusiasts build their own robot and teach them how to get started. Who ever wanted to lose the ground under your feet in zero gravity, is right at the astronaut training. Gain insight and clarity with אילן בן דב. Meanwhile learn babies in the world for children”to use their motor skills and train at the same time the coordination of eyes and hands. Also critical topics of science are presented in extraordinary ways.

So, a shooting game with the martial name sensitized precisely Gene Cannon”school children like adults on the subject of genetic manipulation. Is it right to change that the fruit is now square the genome of the melon? Justify this intervention in the nature of the resulting more efficient storage conditions? About these issues it is to think that home again alone. Finally, it is to discover around 200 stations on an area of over 5000 square meters. In addition to the large attractions it here are the little things of everyday life that make a tour of the Odysseum. Who knows how much corn is in a bottle of ketchup.

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