The arrival of the cold months – and the consequent drop in the thermometer to less than zero degrees – is extremely detrimental to the Garden: appear Frost and with them, the inevitable damages to our plants. Although all plant protects against adverse temperatures – through the concentration of their cellular juices and the reduction of their vital activities – sometimes the natural protection is not enough, and it is necessary to act quickly and effectively to avoid fatal consequences. To prevent this from happening, the first Council – essential – is well choose the plants in the garden. Unless we cultivate them in a greenhouse or a terrarium, if we live in cold areas we must bow down only by more frost-resistant species. A good way to prevent the damage of Frost is through irrigation. Did you know that good hydration of the plants in the autumn is essential so they can concentrate their juices and have greater natural protection? However, should not do so when the temperatures are very low or there is a forecast of frost, because the water will freeze and will hurt the plants. Protecting the plants with mulch (mulching): If before the commencement frost covered the floor of the garden with a layer of between 5 and 10 centimeters of materials such as gravel, wood or marble bark, avoid loss of temperature and humidity in our plants, essential to safeguard structural damages that derive from this characteristic of the winter climate phenomenon.

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