For a summer holiday essential thing – a tent. That nature suddenly broke your plans for the rest, tented structures – the only available exit. Their comfort is that they can be quickly installed in the new location, parse and assemble. Tent tent suitable for summer residences. In hot weather, cool to hide under the shade of a canopy or shelter there from the weather. But the tents are used not only at home. Most restaurants and cafes to suit their Customer summer terrace.

You can put umbrellas over the tables, but such an excellent effect as from the terrace make this not happen. In addition, wind gusts of this umbrella does not hide and the better to watch the summer rain and other vagaries of weather, being in a protected location. Regardless of why build terraces, it should be well-planned structure. Manufacturing of awning structures can be trusted only to connoisseurs. Firms engaged in the production of terraces, should have the necessary licenses for the construction of such facilities. It is very important because when the wind unstable frame-tent structures can deliver customers the restaurant and cafe a lot of inconvenience. It is important in the construction of such facilities – is the ability of the material to pass the light of day, but prevent the direct sunlight, as well as to design been dismantled.

Basis of any awning and terrace – a rigid frame. But the fabric byvat different. But most often use a membrane fabric, putting it on the base. Such fabric blends well with any variants of frame material. It happens that the time waiting production of an exclusive tent, awning does not, then you can tilt like ready to buy. On sale is a set of standard tents, tents that will fit into the design of your establishment.

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