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A short film about Schwabing latest property / gated community who is interested in a new apartment, which exists only on paper, knows this situation: one wonders from really my future apartment, what about? What does it for a living and how will the direct residential field evolve? Floor plans, location sketches and even illustrations not sufficient often to make an accurate picture of the new real estate which may soon is your own home. The film of short “Leopold +” the history told by Jan, who himself bought a condo here just in impressive pictures. With an insightful “look into the future” is the living environment and the location described the Munchner Freiheit. How for example the everyday life, the way to work, shopping and leisure facilities. Also the apartment itself is very much alive with a virtual camera movement and detail shown, the viewer captures the spatial relationships and can understand what living your own four walls in the Leopold + once offered.

On September 18, 2010, the contractor started DEMOS with the sale of the condominiums in the Leopold + on Leopold Street and now 10% of the residences are already sold, another 20% are reserved. This far above-average demand is of course good reasons: future owners have (yet) the choice between advanced 1 to 4 bedroom condominiums each type of apartment, spacious terraces, balconies or roof terraces. Construction progresses in DEMOS proven design with comfortable lifts from the company up in the attic. Who sees the purchase of their own home as an investment, for which is particularly interesting that the entrances to the houses from the top floor to the underground garage threshold-free and all apartments are barrier-free. This is not only good for the resale value of the apartments, but also very convenient for the owner. Apartment facilities include many functional refinements and love full ausgefuehrte details, the in the Purchase price is already included. .

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