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DEMOS Presents:

A short film about Schwabing latest property / gated community who is interested in a new apartment, which exists only on paper, knows this situation: one wonders from really my future apartment, what about? What does it for a living … Continue reading

Michel Szulc

Global financial invest AG (GFI AG) informed: tax increases November 2010 to January 1, 2011 in four provinces of Frankfurt am Main. Several provinces lifted as of January 1, 2011 the tax rate: up to 5 percent of the purchase … Continue reading

The Method Makes All The Difference

Real estate online rate those who want to bring the value of real estate experience, can today choose from a number of possibilities. If an owner wants to evaluate its own object or a prospective buyer wants to evaluate a, … Continue reading

Cheap Real Estate Financing

What really makes a cheap real estate financing in addition to low interest rates? With the purchase or a real estate finance necessary in most cases borrowing from acquirers over many years. And therefore, it is important that the financing … Continue reading