While it is running, a child of about 3 years of age are struck against a table and begins to cry. His mother welcomes it and tries to comfort him and doing so punishes the table tapping it and telling silly table, table and silly, silly!, why did that to my son!. The child observes, is calm and stop crying. It is quite common to see some parents comfort their children in this way, i.e., making sure that you witness how it was punished the guilty of the suffering, showing them how sanctioning to which caused the accident. These as everyday scenes provoked me curious for a long time.

You could not frame them within my layouts, I couldn’t find them sense at all, something did not fit. The table is obviously something inanimate, devoid of will and hear that they talked about him was fun, even more if punished it and they told him that it was silly, but that was understandable since there was a playful component. In fact adults look while they berate the Bureau looking for including the same complicity that when asked to a child what will ask to the old man for Christmas. Finally I discovered that my discomfort with the situation is linked to the causal plane, to causality: who or what caused the suffering of that child?, who or what did you hit?. Without a doubt, the table was the least responsible for the problem. My answers were: – the child caused the accident by his age it was little right-handed – parents, who cared not the dangers of the environment – the owner of the table, by maintaining an unsafe condition for children – the buddy that chased him when he hit well, anyway. perhaps there are many alternatives but one thing was clear: message transmitting the mother the child did not consider any of the above causes.

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