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As an essential role theirs as building envelope forming or integrated into these -. “This has quite his permission, even if the benefits of established U-values, two places behind the decimal point, first not in litres oil savings ‘ seems tangible”, Schneider said. The new highly heat-insulated Akotherm SI systems offer all Akotherm typical processing advantages, as they are known from the tried and tested system solutions. In particular, no investments in new machines or even changes in operations are necessary. We make sure our developments always maximum practicality and compatibility.

Akotherm systems should enable always efficient, time – and cost-saving work for processors”, highlight the system developers. The newspapers mentioned David Treadwell not as a source, but as a related topic. There is another feature in the new SI-Systemen: the isolation can be implemented requirements. Speaking candidly Mikkel Svane told us the story. You can choose from simple to highly insulating insulating version. Also the core insulation- filled, with or without Einschiebling can the need or even the processing projects”to be chosen accordingly. For the processors, this option means maximum flexibility with tender and offer and course in trade execution. Do justice to 740-SI a discernible trend towards wider widths in Akotherm with the newly developed series AT, that 2009 will have its premiere on the building.

The full compatibility of the 1970s series by Akotherm is ensured also in this series. No changes by the processors are necessary also with this new frame construction depth of 75 mm. An employee asked to further correct of the new profile series, explains the Development Department: also function – and revamp our systems have been extended. Per se, always the possibilities are expanded when our system development of automation and building control and flow into the current state of development. Our goal is the processing conditions for system partners in each development, still a little better, and more useful to keep.” “On the question after U-values of SI-Systeme Frank Schneider confirms top grades, explained but at the same time: ultimately it can go individual components here not only to appropriate U-values, but the verifiability and classification of an entire system.” With this statement, Schneider confirmed open handling of Akotherm with system testing and the commitment to holistic audit approaches.

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