Dmitry Rental

An exception is the company "Alex is a pole." However, it is known to the masses is not due to rolling, and thanks to advances in trading domestic machines. Nevertheless, the number of firms engaged in renting, is growing. Six months ago in Moscow, began to work Association of car rental companies. Its members are already eleven companies, which own 800 cars. – It is interesting that over the last three years rental engaged in dozens of new businesses, and none of them have not yet left the market – shares his observations Lions. – It's pretty rare situation. Coordinator of Marketing, "Rolf-hire" Ivan Razumov even more daring in their assessments: – Each year, the market is growing in Moscow on 20-30% and its total capacity is about $ 3 million a month.

– Segment hire domestic cars is already divided between the main players – the director of "Avent" Dmitry . – And here is the market rental cars place until all missing. Companies offering quality services at reasonable prices a bit. But the lack of companies who give to foreign car hire five to seven years for the price of new cars. According to experts from the Association of car rental companies in the near time the market will come dozens of small companies owning a small fleet of vehicles – from two to three dozen cars. Clients hire even a domestic car is not cheap – $ 18-30 per day. Therefore, in theory, customers rolling Companies should be people with high incomes.

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