Electronic Literature

Books – a source of knowledge accumulated by human beings. The result of creative effort and a source of inspiration. Not in vain in every country have a national library, which collected all sorts of books. From the most primitive fairy tales and to the most complex scientific works of scientists. Electronic books, or books in electronic form began to appear almost immediately after the onset of computers. Such books have several advantages over paper-based counterparts. One of the most important of these is the ability to save them without exposing time.

Convenience and accessibility of electronic literature provide stable growth in its popularity. Of course, the cost of books in this format is an order of magnitude smaller than printed copies. Also for this reason that educational literature is particularly relevant in an electronic form. For convenience, e-books available today, users in different text formats, and even audio. Audiobooks – is literature, but not in the text and in audio form.

Typically, the audiobook is stored on a cd or dvd, and consists of several dozens of audio files in MP3, well-read professional actors (at least – by the author). An average of 300-350 pages of regular book comparable with 9-11 hours of playing audio books. Subject audiobooks develops quickly and swiftly. Still – more people (especially – busy people who are very appreciate your time) recognize the convenience of audio books and begin to actively use them. This is especially noticeable on the Internet. In 2007, the audiobook market in Russia has shown rapid growth rate of more than 100% relative to the previous 2006.

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