School Curricular

When we think about the curricular contents in the school, something in the flame the attention: – After all, they are the resumes or the strategies or lacks of them that they decide if a pupil will have failure or pertaining to school success? The insatisfao of the pupils is well-known before the pertaining to school environment and mainly in classroom, therefore ' ' The School is an environment practically deceased, fellow creature to a fixed telephone, exists, but all prefer the cellular one for withhold more functions, interaction, challenges, games and comunicao' ' It has a tremendous lack of communication between professor and pupil. It is lamentable to perceive that the lack of dialogue between these two same social actors take a conflicts, one estress emotional mainly very strong disharmony and, capable even though to arrive the last consequncias ' ' All school must have an equal room of the university coordinator that is, to be able to express its difficulties in the learning perhaps and to dialogue directly with its professors in particular, thus professor and pupils would give chance to it of if to recognize better and would prevent thus bullying, the dissatisfaction, the negative impression of one stops with the other and the tragedies as the happened ones recently in Royal-RIO DE JANEIRO and Is Caetano of the Sul' ' The violence that the children and the adolescents exert, is before everything, the one that its half one exerts on them COLOMBIER et al. (1989). The child day-by-day reflects in the school the frustrations of its. She is in this context that we inside detach the practised types of violence of the school. The school if forgets that they deal with human beings and they focam only in results. The pupil who already comes of a desestruturada family, more comes across with a professor each estressado time, overwhelming and with low they esteem due its conditions of work and professional valuation.

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