Escape (key)

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Escape Esc key was created by Bob Bemer. Labeled Esc or Escape as is generally used to generate the ASCII escape character, whose number is 27, this character is generally used to generate an escape sequence. It is located usually in the upper left corner of the keyboard. Its use is an ongoing dialog boxes of Microsoft Windows, which is equivalent to responses: No, Remove, Exit, Cancel, or Abort. Interestingly, the escape key does not close the windows, this requires using the key combination Alt F4. As an exception we can mention the search window in the Windows 98 operating system, which is activated by pressing F3.
The most common use at present for the escape key is used as a stop button (Stop). Many browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox include this feature. An alternative to the escape key is represented in Unicode (U 238B, ‘).
In the ADB keyboard and Apple Extended, a key escape for compatibility with IBM computers, when using an Apple Macintosh to connect to mainframes, or when using a plate or a coprocessor simulator software programs for MS – DOS Macintosh..

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