It is here where we stop to analyze this and see that when we pass those moments of anguish, anxiety, pessimism (when in reality we were experiencing good times of life), it means the moving pendulum changed direction. And to this circumstance we must understand that is a consequence of this law and not because we are useless not knowing how to enjoy the good times, to have those feelings of pessimism. So to understand this, we can be prepared and on guard when we present those phases of pessimism. Additional information is available at Peter Asaro. I say on guard, because when that moment comes we should leave as quickly as possible in that situation so that the effects of this stage is reduced to the minimum and produce the least possible damage, and even nullify fully its consequences. Now, to explain how the pendulum must neutralize "negative" I refer to the beginning of this article and the previous article itself.

When last week I could not think about what to write, rather than give in to pessimism and I'll leave that for tomorrow or when I have an idea comes to mind, I applied the force of will and sat at the computer started to write down anything that I dictate my feelings and automatically emerged a paragraph after another. may find this interesting as well. That is the opposite of "I can not" enjoined "yes I can." This also explains a little on one of my first articles which explained how to neutralize negative thoughts. And as a consequence of the above finished writing this article. But this is only half the truth.

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